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Drama of Bureaucracies

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For Tuesday

1. THE WIRE: Skim the first 20 pages of The Show Bible

Wire-Simon Show Bible.pdf

2. THE WIRE: Read pilot script [at least the cast of characters!] and watch the screen version

THE WIRE - 101_The Target_11.28.01.pdf



For Thursday

1. THE WIRE: Read and Watch episode 2

THE WIRE - 102_The Detail_2.26.02.pdf 

2. THE WIRE: Read and Watch episode 3

THE WIRE - 103_The Buys_3.18.02.pdf




Answer the following questions—do it in groups if you want, but be prepared to answer on your own:


  • What is the job of Ervin Burrell, the Deputy Commissioner?
  • What are the jobs of Major Rawls and Major Foerster?
  • What is the job of Lt. Cedric Daniels? (Bonus points if you can tell me the name/job of his counterpart, who he talks with very briefly in an elevator in Episode 2)
  • What is the job of Sgt. Jay Landsman?
  • What units do the following Detectives work for on a regular basis? (Hint: each works for one of only two different units)
    • Jimmy McNulty
    • Shakima Greggs
    • Bunk Moreland
    • Michael Santangelo
    • Frank Barlow
    • Ray Cole
    • Ellis Carver
    • Thomas "Herc" Hauk 
  • In Episode 2, we find that a Special Detail has been assigned to a basement office. Name all the people who work for it and where they come from. Also say—in as much detail as possible—how this special unit came to be, and what its assignment is.
  • Name the bosses, major enforcers, and foot-soldiers of the Barksdale Crime Organization.




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