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Ramping up the Season

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For Tuesday


1. THE WIRE: Read episode 4, 5 and 6.


2. THE WIRE: Watch the screen versions of 4-6.

THE WIRE - 104_Old Cases_3.25.02.pdf 

THE WIRE - 105_The Pager_4.16.02.pdf 

THE WIRE - 106_The Wire_4.18.02.pdf



For Thursday

1. THE WIRE: Read scripts for 7-8

THE WIRE - 107_A Man Must Have a Code_4.24.02.pdf

THE WIRE - 108_Come at the King You Best Not Miss_5.07.02.pdf 


2. THE WIRE: Watch the screen versions of episodes 7-8.



Notes on Film Style:



Three-person group mini-prezis (warmups for the final presentations)

Each person in the group has to discuss one scene as an example of visual storytelling. Coordinate in advance:


  • Mise, acting, directing, framing, cinematography, cutting and editing, sound
  • Make one smart point about the way it interprets the script
  • Talk about its bearing on the story arc of at least one character
  • As a group, pose one provocative discussion question about this episode


4/11 - Group 1 presents on Episode 6

4/11 - Group 2 presents on Episode 7


4/13 - Group 3 presents on Episode 8


4/18 - Group 4 presents on Episode 9


4/20 - Group 5 presents on Episode 10

4/20 - Group 6 (two?) on Episode 11










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