Mad Men Group Talks

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In-class group talks—groups of three/four focus on the script and screen versions of one episode.


Take us through the structure of the episode. How is it organized? What are the major storylines and how are they woven together? Talk about any striking ways the dialogue and description in the script get interpreted on the screen, through acting, directing, cinematography.


Finally, point out any significant differences between the script and screen versions. These include changes within scenes, of wording or details; cutting or resequencing of scenes. Give us your working theory as to why the creators made these changes.


The presentation should end with questions for the class.


1x4 Stephanie, Ernesto, Jim Thursday

1x6 2/21 Jared, Ashvin, Asmaa

1x8 2/23 Riley, Diana, Jingwen, Travis

1x11 3/2 Arya, Shlok, Mayukh, Sydney

1x12 3/2 Stephania, Pranav, Krishna




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